How to Connect a Soundboard With Voicemeter

Simple Way to Connect Soundboard

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Looking for ways to connect your Soundboard with Voicemeeter? Then you are at the right place. Soundboards provide a bunch of goofy little sound bytes at a moment.

When you need them`Voicemeeter is an Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.

Voicemeeter includes DSP algorithms from VB-Audio. It is the best media that lets you control the sound as you want.

The Mixing console is in great demand. Voicemeeter is a Unique Application designed for everyone willing to manage audio smartly!

There are tons of Soundboards available on the internet. You can even create your Soundboards. Often lots of options create confusion.

The very first website that tops in our research is Few people might be familiar with this site. But the features are extraordinary.

It is straightforward - the minute you reach the front page, it starts downloading the sounds for you. It has HD quality sound effects. It offers great search functionalities with filtering, so you can find exactly what you need!

You can even mark few sound effects as favorites. This will have you keep all your favorites in one place for future use.

So I have a recommendation for you. I’m a YouTuber and like to do game streaming for my YouTube channel. is the perfect soundboard for me. Its database has more than 2 million sound effects. It supports all the languages.

Whether you are a VOIP user, Broadcasters, Podcasters, Video gamers, Musicians, DJs, and whatever Sound Lovers, P.A. System tweaker, Home-Cinema audiophiles. This is a perfect tool for all.

It is a mixing console that manages 3 audio inputs (2 physicals and 1 virtual) and 3 audio outputs (2 physicals and 1 virtual) through 2 buses A & B.

Voicemeeter, being a mixing console can allow you to combine as many devices as you want: To mix in real-time your voice with your music.

Your movie, your video game or web radio and share it on the internet through VOIP applications everything is possible within a few minutes.

It is a device that sums different audio signals coming from different inputs and routes them to different outputs.

On the mixing desk, you will find Strips and Buses. While strips are connected to Inputs, buses are connected to outputs.

How Does It Work?

All the Audio signals from the soundboard go to VoiceMeeter through VoiceMeeter Input. Similarly, at the same time.

Audio signals from our microphone go to VoiceMeeter(If you like to connect your microphone as well). In VoiceMeeter, all the signals get processed and then played through VoiceMeeter Output.

Step 1

Voicemeeter is a virtual audio mixer. To use Voicemeeter instantly it is advisable to use it as the default device. Then all PC sounds will go through Voicemeeter before playing back to your speakers. To make Voicemeeter your default device follow these steps:


Windows> Control Panel >Sound Dialog Box. This is where you have to go to check or set what is your default playback device and what is your default recording device 

Step 2

Select main audio Output Device To make Voicemeeter working, you need at least to select the main output device used for BUS A

Step 3

After this step, Voicemeeter will route the signal from the selected input (e.g. Soundboard) to the selected output. That’s it!

Final Words

Well, this is all about “How to Connect A Soundboard to Your Voicemeeter”. I hope you will find it informative. Share it with your dear ones. Which is your favorite Soundboard? Do let us know in the Comments Section below.

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